BibRave Product Review: Orange Mud Endurance Pack

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud Endurance Pack to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!



I’ve been a fan of the Orange Mud “innovation from frustration” philosophy since I started using their Transition & Seat WrapTM a few years ago. I become a true Orange Mud devotee after I had the chance to test their flagship hydration product, the HydraquiverTM Single Barrel. You can read my review of the single barrel here and learn more about my hydration product frustrations.  I was so confident in Orange Mud’s Made in America gear solutions that I applied to become an OM Ambassador. I’m honored to say I became part of the OM family as a Am-badass-ador this past month while testing the Endurance Pack!



I’ll admit, I was wary of testing the Endurance Pack. After testing the hydraquiver design, I never wanted to go back to the bulky, frustrating, and somewhat gross hydration bladder. However, I’ll try anything at least once. Honestly, with the heat and humidity of a Georgia summer in full swing, a full hydration bladder is still necessary for long trail and training runs. Given Orange Mud’s history of creating simple and comfortable designs, it’s no surprise that their new endurance pack sets itself apart.


Between BibRave and Orange Mud, I’ll own a lot of orange. #OrangeIsTheNewFast


  • Orange Mud products are designed to be pretty short so they full tall and short torsos alike; great for fun size athletes and ladies!
  • The pack is simple with one large storage pocket in bag, 2 stretchy pockets in front, and 2 velcro pockets on the shoulders. The stretchy material means you can pack the 2L bladder (included) full, stuff the pockets with snacks, phone, key, jacket, etc. and the whole thing cinches down tight to conform to your body. Whether you’ve packed it full, or light for a shorter run, you can adjust it snugly against you for zero bounce.
  • The simple design allows the bladder to be removed and replaced easier than packs I’ve used in the past
  • The front straps can be moved up or down. If you’re a curvy, fun size lady like myself, this is key to avoiding awkward strap positioning.
  • I wore the pack with a singlet and had to chafing under my arms, and no rubbing on my shoulders.
  • The pack passes the multisport test! I wore it on several hikes, long training runs, and mountain biking. The stretchy, body conforming fit made it easily adaptable to all these activities. I fit all my spare mountain bike gear and tools in the back pocket and still had zero bounce. I’ve been trying to clean out my gear closet and having a hydration pack that can cover multiple activities will make this much easier.


  • Some other BibRave Pros complained that the hose was too long. However, Josh the CEO of OM encouraged our group of testers to cut the house if needed. It wasn’t a problem for me so I let it be.
  • It’s not immediately obvious where to store the hose. There are small loops above the front pockets that I slid the nozzle through and it works well. You can also slide it under the front straps.
  • This is a pet peeve, but the measurement markings on the bladder are impossible to see. I add electrolyte mix into the bladder so it’s helpful to know the measurements so I can mix in the correct amount.


Final Verdict: If you need a catchall hydration pack for longer efforts, hiking, or mountain biking, the Endurance pack really sets itself apart.

Want to learn more about Orange Mud? Here’s a nifty history lesson:

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Don’t forget to join @BibRave and @OrangeMud on Twitter for the Tuesday night #BibChat at 9pm E.S.T. on August 9 for your chance to win you own Endurance Pack!



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