Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m 4’11” and have had a black eye or two since my head is a perfect elbow height in many race situations. Crop pants fit me like full length, and my stride is about half the distance from most of my running buddies. If you can relate, or you just like reading the trials and tribulations of a 30-something who’s shorter than most middle schoolers, this is the place for you!

I love endurance sports and crossfit. Here’s the place where I’ll talk about training, running buddies, cool products, nutrition, and race reports. I’m an active member, volunteer, and ambassador for Atlanta Track Club. I’ve also been a member of the BibRave Pro team since 2016 and get to share awesome products and race reviews. Don’t worry! I’ll make sure to tell you when BibRave has provided me with a product or free race registration. BibRave is an awesome site for race reviews. It’s kinda like Yelp for races. Check it out at BibRave.com and be sure to add some great reviews.


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