7 Habits of Highly Effective Runners: Fun Size Athlete Edition

Mario Fraioli, the founder of The Morning Shakeout, has re-shared this blog post he wrote several years ago with some updates.

Source: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Runners

His breakdown of process vs. outcome goals is an excellent way to focus on building a successful year of habits that can lead to outcome goals rather than setting goals without good habits. Here’s my take on his 7 habits.

Atlanta Track Club Resolution Run 2021 was when I started setting new running goals for myself

1: They set various types of goals

FunSize process goals:

  • Run 4x per week, minimum 3 miles per run
  • Oxfit strength training 4x per week

FunSize outcome goals:

  • Sub-4 hour marathon
  • Complete a race distance that scares me, > 48hrs running

2: They enjoy the process

FunSize goals:

  • Choose training runs and races joyfully, not just to check a box.
  • Do what sounds fun!
  • Run with friends at least once a week
Running friends make goals much more fun

3: They value consistency

FunSize goals:

  • Complete All Day Running Co #Workout365 each day
  • Complete at least 80% of marathon training program

4: They run at a few different speeds

FunSize goals:

  • Hit those track workouts and train with a marathon goal pace in mind
  • Actually, run easy runs, EASY

5: They take their recovery seriously

FunSize goals:

  • Stretch 10 min per day
  • Improve sleep consistency (Whoop metrics)

6: They focus on quality over quantity

FunSize goals:

  • Pick a marathon (Eugene) and stick with it
  • Every run during the 12 weeks leading up to Eugene should serve the purpose ONLY Eugene
  • Focus on one week at a time
Acting like a crazy person makes race photos much better

7: They recognize and celebrate their achievements – no matter how small

FunSize goals:

  • Finish each week recognizing at least one win and one struggle
  • The following week’s goal is to repeat the win and improve on the struggle.
  • Rinse and repeat

Takehome Bonus Habit



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