5 Gifts the Runner in Your Life Will Love

Do you celebrate these end-of-the-year holidays and still looking for a gift for that runner in your life? You know, that person who loves to tell you about running…all the time…as if you don’t know?? With Hanukkah starting tomorrow night (Dec. 18) and Christmas in a week, you’re definitely running out of time, but there’s still hope! Here are my top 5 recommendations for gifts for your favorite runner.

  • Turtle Gloves Hoodie – I got this performance hoodie as part of being a BibRave Pro, and it’s AWESOME! It’s super cozy and has attached convertible mittens. Your favorite runner will never lose their mittens again! I also love the watch gusset. This means the runner in your life won’t have to dig through layers to see their mile splits while running in sub-zero temps – which they will definitely tell you about. Use code TurtleBibRave for 20% off any order, including sale items, through Dec 31, 2022.
  • Shokz OpenRun Pro – This is an upgraded version of the Aeropex model I currently have. I’m pretty sure I’ve owned nearly every model of Shokz since the company started. They make excellent, high-quality products. These are hands down the best running headphones on the market. I do love my Apple Airpods Pro, but not for fitness. Who wants those things falling out on the run?? Not me and not your favorite runner. If the OpenRun Pro is an upgraded version of the Aeropex, I know they’re incredibly light and comfortable. The best part? Shokz uses bone conduction technology (it’s like magic!) so your runner can jam to tunes but still hear their surroundings. If you love your runner, you want them to be safe, right?? Use code SHOKZ40 for $40 off!
  • NOBULL Trainer+ – If I know your runner, then I know they don’t do enough (any) strength training and then wonder why they keep getting injured/don’t improve. Runners are great about knowing what they should be doing but not actually doing it. Help them along by getting them my favorite gym shoes. NOBULL has excellent support for lifting, box jumps, and all your strength training needs without having a huge profile. On the days when the gym workout is cardio-heavy, they still feel good for those short sprints. It doesn’t hurt that they have some fabulous colorways. I’m saving for the black neon glitch to be my 2023 gym shoe. Hint Hint.
  • Theragun Mini – If your favorite runners like to remind you about running, they probably also remind you that they’re always sore. It’s their badge of honor and a reminder that they are more badass than you. If you want to hear less whinging, get them a Theragun. I recommend any of their products (I have the full-size Theragun prime). Still, the mini is a no-excuses, take-anywhere device they will surely appreciate on their next run-cation (vacations must include running races – you knew that was a thing, right?)
  • Support Kilometer Kids (or their favorite local running group) – Ok, you’ve officially run out of time, and/or they already have ALL THE THINGS. Donate to a running-related organization in their honor. Why are adults succumbing to capitalist pressures and buying other adults presents anyway?? Support your runner’s local community and the future of Type-A runners everywhere. “Kilometer Kids is Atlanta Track Club’s oldest and largest youth running program. The free, game-based curriculum is designed to teach kids in K-5th grade about goal setting, healthy habits, respect, and community building, all by exposing them to the sport of running.”

Even if you’re worried about shipping times, they’ll still be sure to appreciate a late gift – or just get them a gift card to one of these companies, so they will definitely know you procrastinated but still put some thought into their happiness. 😉


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