Summer Fitness Roundup: Summer Lovin’ on the Roads Less Traveled

Seeking adventure and a change of pace on the path less-traveled…

Once again my plan to write these posts every month fell by the wayside. Between taking over a consulting project at one job, building a software product and starting a new company, traveling for Bike Ride Across GA, Grandma’s Marathon, work, and then a 3 week road trip and bike adventure in Colorado and Utah, I guess you can say the summer has been a bit busy. I’m putting all of this in the type 2 bucket of fun category. Yes, I’m tired and wish I could disappear somewhere. Yes, these are all adventures and challenges of immense privilege and I’m thankful everyday for these epic opportunities.

While I’ve maintained a great baseline level of fitness, the post-Grandma’s slump and general craziness greatly diminished my energy and motivation. Add in the fact that running/cycling in Atlanta during the oppressively humid, “will summer every f’ing end”, months is itself an exercise in patience and masochistic motivation. For a while I have had neither. After a week of trying to recover from our epic Utah road trip (how the F did we even do what we did??) and attempt to get over the fact that we are no longer in Utah, I am using the end of August to regroup both mentally and physically, re-create a fitness routine, and find the fun again (in spite of the weather). Leaning heavily on run buddies is the key to forcing myself out of bed and suffering with good company. Volunteering as a run lead and crew chief for Atlanta Track Club marathon training program on Saturdays is helpful for knocking out these long runs for the NYC Marathon, although last week I failed miserably. This week will be better.

This summer, between the many difficult by choice happenings in my life, I keep coming back to this quote:

“If you never fail, you’re only trying things that are too easy and playing far below your level… If you can’t remember any time in the last six months when you failed, you aren’t trying to do difficult enough things.”

Eliezer Yudkowsky


JUNE Stats:

  • Running miles : 63; year-to-date : 845.72 –> Ran Grandma’s Marathon with an official (non virtual) PR of 4:27
  • Cycling miles: 445.79; year-to-date : 1251.54 –> BRAG!
  • Crossfit workouts: 13 year-to-date: 101

JULY Stats:

  • Running miles : 94.98; year-to-date : 940.7
  • Cycling miles: 127.27; year-to-date : 1378.81
  • Crossfit workouts: 14 year-to-date: 115

AUGUST Stats (as of 8/24):

  • Running miles : 25 –> 3 weeks of travel with no running. May get additional 50 before end of month.
  • Cycling miles: 247.73 –> San Juan Hut trip from Durango to Moab!
  • Crossfit workouts: 6 –> Plan for 5 more before end of month.

Current 2021 Goals:

  • Running miles : Due to travel and some post-marathon slump I’ve fallen a bit behind on my “Run the Year” goal but it’s still in reach. Training for NYC Marathon, and a couple ultra’s on the calendar should get things back on track.
  • Crossfit: unassisted pull-ups/kipping pull-ups in all workouts by the end of the year, 5 unbroken double unders

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