BibRave Race Review: Run with Honor at DAV5K Atlanta

“Disclaimer: I received free entry to the DAV5k Atlanta race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”
After marathons 6 days apart, including a downhill “ride” at Revel Mount Lemmon that just about murdered my quads, I was very happy to have a recovery 5K last weekend at the DAV5K. From the website, “The DAV 5K is a run, walk, roll and motorcycle ride that thanks those who served and raises awareness of the issues our ill and injured veterans face every day.” Not only was it a great way to get back to the run after some long hard efforts, but it was also a great way to honor veterans on Veterans Day weekend. Double win!
New to the race this year DAV5k stated that, “in order to give back more support to the programs & services that DAV offers, the DAV 5K will no longer be offering official timing and Veteran Branch of Service T-Shirts.” I appreciated the transparency and loved that DAV5K is making better use of the registration fees. There are so many timed 5Ks that I think running one that’s simply meant to raise funds to assist our veterans is more than a good enough reason not to have official timing services. It certainly didn’t bother me, especially since I was still recovering from previous races and didn’t expect to run a PR anyway. 🙂
BibRave Pro Samantha and I met up at the start for a few pics, and I made sure to get a pic with the Navy banner to honor my grandfather (in blessed memory) who served on the US Midway during WWII. GO NAVY! Atlanta has decided for the last week that it’s suddenly winter so I was very happy for free coffee and hot chocolate by Community Coffee truck at the start to keep warm. The pre-race ceremonies included a presentation of the colors by the Grady High School JROTC Color Guard, followed by Pledge of Allegiance (never heard that at a race before!), and the National Anthem. The Motorcycle Honor Guard started the race, followed by hand cycles (I only saw one), runners, then walkers. There was also a short course option (~0.8 mile). The finish area had a variety of snacks but I managed to grab a Chik-Fil-A biscuit leftover from the pre-race. You can read my full race review at BibRave.
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