BibRave Review: Recovery of Champions with iKOR

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I had the lucky opportunity to try iKOR, a hemp-based CBD oil, in the weeks before, during, and after my crazy fall marathon extravaganza. Within 6 days I traveled to two marathons in different time zones, so rest and recovery was extremely important to avoid a completely broken body lol. Since I started a PhD program in fall 2016 I have struggled with anxiety and fitful sleep due to a brain that just won’t shut the f up…ever. Xanax is not a long-term solution and generally makes me feel like crap. I have considered hemp-derived CBD for some time as a promising, legal, non-psychotropic alternative to chemical based prescription meds as well as it’s THC-bearing sibling. Enter: iKOR Performance CBD.

iKOR’s mission from it’s inception in 2016 is to “bring the recovery-enhancing benefits of hemp-derived CBD to the endurance athlete community.” As a scientist I’m very much about my own peer-reviewed research and easily found many pre-clinical studies confirming the advertised therapeutic benefits of iKOR including:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality

As I mentioned earlier, due to stress of school and intense training/racing schedule, I am in need of all of the above. Hemp and marijuana do come from the same plant but hemp contains zero to trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC and hemp-based CBD will not get you high. #SorryNotSorry. In addition, as of January 1, 2018, CBD was entirely removed from WADA’s list of banned substances in sports performance. Products with less than 0.3% THC, including iKOR, can also be sold in all 50 states.

I received iKOR one week before traveling to D.C. for Marine Corps Marathon; perfect timing! The product is meant to be taken as a daily supplement delivered as 5 pumps under the tongue twice daily (total 10 pumps = 10mg), with extra pumps recommended for athletes during heavy training blocks. I took 5 pumps before brushing my teeth in the morning and before bed, each day for 10 days. For this first week plus, I noticed more focus/energy during the day, and consistent, uninterrupted sleep at night. This was the first uninterrupted sleep I’ve had since fall 2016 I think. The only “weird” side-effect I had was vivid, memorable dreams during the first week, something I very rarely experienced before. The dreams didn’t wake me up or bother me; they were just strange and memorable, i.e. leading up to the Revel Mt. Lemmon Marathon I dreamed that while running the downhill race the road suddenly turned into one of those yellow corkscrew play-place type slides. Wheeee!

After 10 days of use it’s recommended to stop iKOR for 4 days in order to see if you can feel any differences in levels of anxiety, stress, muscle recovery, sleep, etc. My 4 days off was during the week between Marine Corps and Revel Mt. Lemmon, so I’m not sure if it presented a great baseline comparison; I was busy unpacking and then re-packing for back-to-back trips, catching up on work, recovering from one marathon and preparing for another in 6 days, etc. I definitely didn’t sleep as well but the added stress of that week in general probably didn’t help. In any case, I was very happy to get back on the iKOR supplement schedule after 4 days off since I knew it would at least help with sleep, especially while traveling to a different time zone. In fact, I slept great in Arizona in spite of timezone change and missing daylight savings. I’ve tried melatonin in the past and it never worked well, so I’m glad to finally find a product that’s much more effective for me for travel-interrupted sleep patterns.

Overall, iKOR CBD has been a welcome and effective addition to my daily supplement regime (which only ever includes a multivitamin anyway). The citrus flavor is somewhat bitter, but pumping it under the tongue just before brushing your teeth has been an easy way around any taste issues. One bottle lasts about a month with the recommended usage and I just ordered a replacement bottle for 20% off with code BibRave20 (valid thru 12/31).

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Chime in below if you’ve used CBD for recovery or if you want to know more about iKOR. Don’t forget to join BibRave and iKOR for #BIBCHAT this Tuesday, November 27 at 9pm ET for a chance to win iKOR to try yourself!


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