BibRave Product Review: Geared up with the Orange Mud Gear Vest

“Disclaimer: I received the Orange Mud Gear Vest to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

In case the above Insta post doesn’t make it abundantly clear, I’m a little obsessed with Orange Mud products. I first discovered Orange Mud several years ago when I purchased their Transition Towel after seeing it on a must-have list in a magazine. Shortly after I borrowed a friend’s VP1 to try, and then tested the hydraquiver single barrel during my first year as a BibRave Pro. Since then I’ve also tested the Endurance Pack, became an Orange Mud Dirt Unit Ambassador, and purchased many other packs and gear to serve a multitude of adventures. Orange Mud has created a community of adventurers through it’s amazing, high quality products, and personal customer service.  In many cases, if you have a question about a product or order you’ll be chatting with the owner, Josh, himself. Those facts alone are enough to keep me buying his products even when I don’t really have enough room in my closet anymore. 🙂

Testing the Gear Vest has been awesome. I honestly think it’s the most versatile and comfortable Orange Mud product I own. The pack holds a 1L bladder or 2L of cargo, which is the perfect size for a mid to long distance run, hike, bike ride, etc. I’ve actually been carrying it on shorter runs with my dog as well because I can carry a folding bowl and extra water for him as the days get hotter. Check out all the great features from the Orange Mud site:


What are my favorite features of this pack?

  • Low profile and snug fit – I have a narrow chest circumference but with large cup size. What this typically means is that pack straps fit awkwardly around my boobs but the side straps can never cinch enough to secure the pack from riding up or chafing. On the Gear Vest, the two adjustable, sliding harness straps allow for easy fit in front, while the side straps tie everything down nice and tight. This pack sits so comfortably and doesn’t move an inch, even when the bladder is empty.
  • High ride and super light – the pack sits high on the back and rides really light, meaning as the ATL heat and humidity creeps up, I’m still much cooler and comfortable than when wearing a traditional full size hydration pack.  I can’t wait to give this pack a try on those summer long runs and ultras.
  • Pockets, pockets, oh my! – Most Orange Mud packs have great pockets. The pockets on the gear vest are now longer and can carry phone, keys, TONS of snacks, salt, extra clothing, and more. For a relatively small pack it’s a black hole of carry capacity. Did you start your run on a cold morning and now you want to stash your gloves and hat? No problem! Also, whether you stuff the pack full or leave home with just a bit of water, the ride is still the same. No shifting! Gone are the days where a hydration pack starts to flop around later in a race as you empty the bladder and pockets!
  • Most unobtrusive bike pack I’ve ever had – don’t you hate biking with a pack when your helmet hits the pack every time you crane your head? As stated above, the fit of this pack is so great it’s like wearing a second skin. No obstruction whatsoever.

The Orange Mud gear vest is available in 3 colors (black & green, black & orange, white) and retails for $109.95. However, get yours and any other amazing Orange Mud product for 15% off using code BRGV15 at Follow Orange Mud on social to keep up with all their great products at:


The youtube channel is particularly great for learning more about the right product for you and how to find the most comfortable fit.

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Finally, don’t forget to join BibRave and OrangeMud on Twitter #BibChat, Tuesday, May 1 9pm EST for your chance to win free OM swag!



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