BibRave Product Review: Re-invent Recovery with CTM Band

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I’ve been very luck, especially after more than a marathon a month last year and a 100 miler, that I’ve had good recovery and very rarely sidelined by an injury. I’m very aware however that I don’t follow a good strength and conditioning plan and I’m constantly feeling the effects of minor muscle imbalances. I’m sure I’d be able to improve pace and efficiency if I spent more time on recovery and muscle balance. Enter, the CTM Band.

The CTM Band was developed by a sports chiropractor and former D1 athlete, Dr. Kyle Bowling, as a tool to help limit soreness, and treat or prevent injuries…all in one product! The band combines Compression, Tension, and Movement to aid athletes in self-myofascial release. Think about all the other recovery products in your gym bag: a foam roller/stick roller/lacrosse ball combines tension and movement, but no compression. A compression band combines compression and movement, but no tension. With CTM Band you get all three in one band! And it only takes a few minutes a day.

Here’s more about how the CTM band works:

According to the website, CTM Band can:

– Relieves Muscle Spasm

– Releases Knots

– Speeds Muscle Recovery

– Breaks Up Scar Tissue

– Increases Range Of Motion

– Activates Muscle 

How have I been using the band?

Since the band is so easy to use and only requires a few minutes for each problem area, I committed to using it everyday, whether for pre-workout muscle activation or recovery post workout or rest day. Align the attachments to the muscle area being treated (the attachments are easily removed to treat smaller areas), and wrap the band tightly (without being painful). Then, stretch and move for 2 minutes. That’s it!


I have weak glutes from sitting at a desk all day so I try to focus on areas that suffer because of that weakness; hamstrings, quads, calves, and IT band attachment near the knee. I love using the band in these areas as a warmup just before a run; it’s a great way to activate those muscles and I’ve noticed my run warmup time has decreased significantly. No more sluggish starts! I traveled a lot in the last 2 weeks and the band easily packs, taking up little room. Can’t say that about my foam roller. The only negative is maybe the price; at $40 it seems a bit pricey but considering it pretty much replaces all my other recovery tools I think it’s totally worth it. Also, with code CTMBIBRAVE you get 20% off so you really can’t go wrong!

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Check out CTM Band on their website and social for more info and see how others are reinventing their recovery:  WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

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BibRave Product Review: Re-invent Recovery with CTM Band
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