BibRave Review: Multisport madness with Coros Pace Watch

Disclaimer: I received COROS™ PACE to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The Coros Pace is the first multisport GPS watch for Coros Wearables and they’ve produced a very impressive product. The $299.99 watch comes out of the box with many awesome features that makes it highly competitive with similar gps watches on the market. My first impressions were that the watch was easy to set up and pair with a smartphone, it’s super light and very slim fitting so is comfortable for 24/7 wear, and the display is the clearest, most easily readable sports watch display I’ve ever seen.  Previous to receiving the Coros, I was using a smaller gps watch for daily wear/fitness tracking/shorter workouts, and a second full-feature multisport watch for longer efforts and multisport activities. With the Coros I was able to use the one watch for all activities.

My favorite Coros features include:

  • built-in optical heart rate monitor (it even works in the pool!)
  • barometer for accurate altitude and grade readings (as opposed to watches that rely only on GPS for this data)
  • metronome for cadence training
  • Beautiful and easy to read display
  • Easy to use app for quick updates/changes to watch settings, and display of data. I really loved seeing improvements to my cadence and the consistency in cadence during the Vermont City Marathon.
  • Incredibly fast data sync (my workouts sync to the app and strava within seconds after finishing)
  • Crazy long battery life. Out of the box the watch lasted more than a week without charging once.

The complete list of features includes:


The Coros Pace is a brand new product so Coros has been very amenable to feedback from the BibRave Pros and has made constant updates for improvement. In addition, new features are actively being rolled out including ability to connect with other platforms (i.e. trainingpeaks) and ANT+ capability to connect to speed/cadence sensors (this is rolling out any day now, if not already – I just haven’t had the chance to check).



Bottom line? I really love this watch. With the additional capabilities coming online imminently, including ANT+, I suspect this will be my primary watch for the foreseeable future. It’s super comfortable, easy to use, accurate, and provides fun and useful data. The price point is very competitive with multisport watches with similar capabilities, and Coros Pace even has some improved features in comparison, in my opinion.

Want more feedback before taking the Coros Pace Multisport plunge? Check out what other BibRave Pros have to say:

Jenna | Corey |

Don’t forget to join us this Tuesday,  June 5 9PM ET with BibRave and Coros for Twitter #BibChat to chat about all things running/fitness/multisport and learn more about the Pace watch.


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