BibRave Product Review: BOCO Gear 360° Visor®

“Disclaimer: I received a BOCO Gear 360° Visor® to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

If you’ve been paying attention you may already know I have a whole dresser drawer filled with BUFF® products. What you may not know is that the same drawer shares space with more visors then there are days of the week. Basically, that one drawer holds my most important running accessories, outside of sneakers (and if you saw my recent Instagram post you’d know that I can manage without those anyway). I’m obsessed with visors for several reasons:

  • They keep sweat and stray hair out of my face better than headband (I’ll even wear them at night for this reason)
  • They keep my eyes and skin protected from the sun, without needing glasses which tend to hurt my ears after a while
  • The hair/ponytail fit much better under a visor than a full hat
  • They’re lighter, more comfortable, and more adjustable than a full hate (although I’m known to rock a trucker on runs from time to time – I LOVE my BibRave Boco gear trucker)

To say the least, I was very excited to receive the custom BibRave BOCO 360° Visor®. I’ve worn it on most of my runs lately in various conditions. The visor has several great features that has made it my go to for just about every run:

  • Lightweight wicking  outside and a wicking internal sweatband (terry cloth) to move sweat from your forehead –> soft, comfortable material and the entire visor soaks up the sweat away from your face. I’ve had no stinging sweat in the eyes wearing this
  • Soft brushed elastic back for comfort and fit –> no fiddling with readjustments; pull it on and it stays in place, even in high winds. I love how I can wear it over a full winter cap or headband to keep ears warm and I never have to readjust it. 
  • Relaxed fit front panel for a better performance and comfort
  • Black underside of the bill to reduce glare –> This is something you don’t notice until you wear a different hat or visor on a sunny day and still suffer from glare.
  • Machine washable -> wash and dry on the cold/tech cycle and it’s like new. No smell and dries fast!

FINALLY, as always #OrangeIsTheNewFast so this BibRave visor definitely makes you run faster (evidenced by the above photo where I PRd the 10 miler).

Head to the BOCO site to check out all their great products. The 360° Visor® retails for $23  – you can even create your own custom design!

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You can follow BOCO Gear on Twitter – Instagram – Facebook


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