BibRave Race Review: Hot Chocolate 15k Atlanta

Disclaimer: I received free entry to Hot Chocolate 15k Atlanta as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

Many of us may be fatigued by the thought of ANOTHER virtual race, but the Hot Chocolate 15k race series kept things sweet and safe. Running isn’t cancelled for sure. After taking last year off from the Hot Chocolate Race in Atlanta, the virtual race this year had me excited for my 4th running for chocolate. It was an amazing present to myself to be able to run the race on my birthday, from my front door, while still sleeping in!

I signed up for the race about 6 weeks ago and immediately started receiving helpful emails with training schedule and tips for race day. Even though the race would be virtual, it was nice to feel like I was actually training for something. Even better, I live close to the real course and was able to create a modified course from my house that included a warmup mile and most of the actual course, while cutting out the parts I don’t like anyway. Win!

We experienced most of the real course simply from a door-to-door route!

About a week before the race date I received my swag bag package with all the famous Hot Chocolate series goodies: chocolate (of course), hot chocolate packets, medal (with a secret chocolate compartment, and the cozy hoodie. Every year I think Hot Chocolate series does a great job improving on the swag based off of participant feedback. The hoodie this year fits and looks great (my husband very much approved). It also has a detachable hood which I think is an amazing improvement as I don’t like to run with a hood flopping around. I think in the future, I’d love to see them offer a vest option and maybe some gloves.

Overall, I really enjoyed being able to run a “race” without having to travel from my house. I also very much enjoyed sleeping in, as well as being able to choose the best day to run based off of weather (a true bonus for those of us who know that the ATL race has some notorious weather patterns lol). Having taken last year (2020) off from the race, being able to do the virtual race this year really got me excited for prospect of racing Hot Chocolate 15k in person next year, and maybe traveling to a new city for it instead. Aren’t we all ready to travel?!

Have you run a Hot Chocolate race in the past? Did you run the virtual race this year and what did you think? Are you ready for racing IRL??

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You can find my review of the Virtual Hot Chocolate 15k Atlanta on here.


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