Bike Ride Across Georgia (BRAG) Day 1!

For the second year in a row Adam and I have joined the Bike Ride Across Georgia, BRAG, an annual weeklong cycling and camping trip with about 100 riders. Last year we started in Atlanta and finished in Savannah. This year we’re heading from Athens to Brunswick/St. Simons Island! 

On Saturday, Adam drove the Subaru to Brunswick and took a BRAG shuttle to the start in Athens. I was in charge of camp and drove the bikes and gear to Athens to check in and get settled. Adam sat in moving vehicles all day and I hoofed a couple hundred pounds of bikes and gear; I’d say we’re even. At each location we camp in schools or community centers, and you can camp inside or outside. As of last year we ride with a group called Team Papparazi so we usually try to stick with them in the indoor camping facilities; usually gyms. Most of these facilities have had AC which is the primary advantage of camping indoors in June. We do carry a tent as backup though. Each rider is allowed up to 2, 50lb bags which are transported to each location on a truck. 

After an evening of dinner and drinks with our group in Athens and chatting with familiar BRAG faces, we set out for Washington this morning at 7am. This was a moderate 60 mile ride with several rest stops along the way. Most of the ride was through farmland with LOTS of corn, some cows, a few goats, dogs, and a couple of snakes. Quiet roads with no vehicular agression. That’s a win in my book. We rode with some members of our group in a quick little pace line at various points during the morning, as well as some quiet miles with just me and Adam. I was happy to also run into an old friend from the Atlanta Outdoor Club who I haven’t seen in some years. 

We arrived around 11 in Washington to shower, set up our indoor abode, and have lunch. At each town they set up shuttle buses to the town center. Most of the stores and restaurants in Washington are closed on Sundays but they opened several locations just for the BRAG riders. Adam and I walked around the square and visited some of the historic sites. On the shuttle ride back to camp, a local historian was giving a historic tour. Washington has more antebellum homes per capita than any other US town, and is full of revolutionary and Civil War history. Unfortunately, the town is not near the main highway so it probably doesn’t get as much traffic as needed to truly capitalize on its’ historic significance. However, if you happen to be traveling south of Athens, I highly recommend the detour to see the amazing homes in historic Washington Wilkes. They have a spring tour of homes, as well as a holiday tour of homes. 

Voted most beautiful library in GA

Adam and I plan to grab dinner at the yummy looking food truck on site and relax for th rest of the evening. Tomorrow we head to Thomson. Let me know if you have any questions about our trip along the way!


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