Whole30 Roundup and Moving Forward

Woohoo! Made it through my first W30! I'm giving myself a 95% since I'm assuming some restaurant probably cooked something in some added crap I wasn't aware of. But other than that I was on task through normally scheduled meal outings with friends, vacations, a few parties, and marathon training. It made me enjoy cooking … Continue reading Whole30 Roundup and Moving Forward


Whole 30 “appetizer”: 5 tips so you don’t go insane.

Yup, it's been a minute. Between finals, holidays, trying to cram in a bunch of CDC work during school break, and one last ditch effort to complete the Yeti Challenge* on New Year's Eve (success!), I just about imploded as Jan 1 rolled around. 2017 was certainly a great year in my book. Another year … Continue reading Whole 30 “appetizer”: 5 tips so you don’t go insane.