February Running Roundup: winter maintenance and motivation

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Even though my birthday falls in February, it tends to be a struggle month for me. The new year has settled in, the late winter, pre-spring blues crop up, and motivation becomes a bit of a struggle. I feel like I’m operating 75-80% on my fitness and nutrition goals, but that 20-ish% of less than ideal nutrition behavior ends up creating plateaus that can spiral into lapses in motivation and loss of fitness gains. Know thyself. I still have progress I’d like to make but it’s very slow going and frustrating, and I feel myself making more concessions and excuses than I’d like. In the end, it’s all completely ok and I’m learning to give myself some grace.

As I’m writing this I’m on a girls beach trip (COVID-safe of course) and getting a much-needed reset, even if a vacation means a small delay to getting back on the nutrition happy train lol. Next week I’ll officially start training for Grandma’s Marathon. I’m really excited for this race and committed to training for it like the athlete I know I am; what would an athlete do, is my mantra for this training cycle. Now I’m ready to take the gains I’ve made in the past year, commit to continued progress (not perfection), and ignite the next phase of my fitness journey. In spite of some lapses I’m proud of myself for maintaining a daily reading habit this year. I just finished reading ‘Bravey’ by Alexi Pappas. It’s an EXCELLENT read and highly recommended. Alexi’s story and writing are funny, heartbreaking, and inspirational. The book is full of amazing quotes including 2 that I’ve added to my vision board for daily motivation:

  • “Before bed, decide tomorrow will be great.”
  • “Good thing I didn’t accomplish all my goals yet, because then what would I do tomorrow?”



  • Running miles : 173.9; year-to-date : 339.5
  • Cycling miles: 66.8; year-to-date : 186.2 –> weather is getting better but still really focused on running – will need to find a better balance even while training for Grandma’s. 
  • Crossfit workouts: 21 year-to-date: 37

Goals for March:

  • Running miles : 175 miles
  • Cycling miles: 100
  • Crossfit workouts: 20
  • Yoga: 1 x / week

Updated 2021 Goals:

  • Running miles : Still on track for “running the year”. Yay!
  • Crossfit: unassisted pull-ups/kipping pull-ups in all workouts by the end of the year, double unders

February Running Roundup: winter maintenance and motivation
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