January Running Roundup: Habit Building and PRs

In spite of the unsurprising continued and worsening national crises, the world of Fun Size Athlete kept moving forward in January. I feel quite fortunate on many fronts. I joined the Ox100 fitness challenge at the CrossFit gym I belong to, hoping to continue giving myself goals and motivation. The challenge was adjusted this year to be a bit more flexible but the first 30 days was still limited to “detoxing” with Whole 30 or Paleo diet. While Whole 30 has worked well for me in the past (when I have actually needed a good food detox), it kind of backfired for me this year and I found myself feeling pretty terrible for the first few weeks of the month. I had already started focusing a lot on nutrition last year and following macros. Also, Adam and I have shifted to a mostly plant-based diet at this point, so suddenly going back to a very heavy meat-based diet had me feeling slow, bloated, hungry, unsatisfied (insert additional negatives here). I learned that everything has it’s time and place, and I needed to just stick to (and improve) what had already been working for me. By the end of the month I switched back to 90% plant-based, counting macros, etc. and felt better within a week. For the next 2 phased of the challenge I will try to maintain 100% plant-based and hit my macro requirements as much as possible (with special focus on hitting the protein goals). I’m glad I learned to listen to my body.

In spite of not always feeling great, I hit over 100 Peloton runs, and completed 90% of the prescribed workouts (including speedwork!) in the Atlanta Track Club half marathon training plan. I complete most of the workouts on the Peloton Tread+ inside and the benefits have quickly translated to improvements in my outside runs and races. In fact, I PRd the 5k and half marathon distances this month without even planning on it! Every time I head outside for a run I notice changes to my steady state/”easy” run pace, to the point where I’m not even sure what my “easy” pace should even be at this point. Always a work in progress, and I’m here for it.


  • Running miles : 167.6; year-to-date : 167.6
  • Cycling miles: 119.4; year-to-date : 119.4 –> it’s too damn cold!
  • Crossfit workouts: 16; year-to-date: 16


  • Running miles : 170 miles
  • Cycling miles: 100
  • Crossfit workouts: 20
  • Core: Complete Matty Maggiacomo’s enCORE28 challenge

Updated 2021 Goals:

  • Running miles : 2021 –> yup, I’ve decided to “Run The Year” and I’m currently on track
  • Crossfit: unassisted pull-ups/kipping pull-ups in all workouts by the end of the year, double unders

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