BibRave Product Review: Running Winter Warmer with Buff® DryFlx+ Collection

Disclaimer: I received the Buff® DryFlx+ headband and necker warmer to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro ambassador, and check out to review, find, and write race reviews! 

Every fall when BibRave starts to offer winter gear review opportunities, I’m always hesitant to apply because it usually still feels like summer in ATL. Without fail, every year I’m glad when I decide to give winter gear a shot because it always seems that ATL summer turns to winter in the blink of an eye. This year has been no exception; as soon as I received the new BUFF DryFlx+ Collection headband and neckwarmer, enough winter had arrived in ATL to make me cranky. Thanks to being a BibRave Pro, I now have some gear to make me a little less grumpy about running and cycling outside this time of year.

One of my biggest issues each winter is that, no matter how cold, I still sweat like crazy resulting in the worst possible scenario: cold + wet. Finding gear that keeps me warm AND dry is the key to continue outdoor training and not getting sick (or just seriously uncomfortable). The Buff DryFlx+ Collection aims to cover the warm + dry winter activity requirements. BUFF describes the DryFlx+ neckwarmer, for example, as:

BUFF DryFlx®+ Neckwarmer is engineered and knitted in one-piece. Designed with technical smart zones that increase breathability and targeted warmth, while enhancing active fit and comfort with an articulated mask design – so you can focus on what matters.

Both the neckwarmer and headband are soft and cozy, without being heavy. It’s a really nice balance between keeping you warm without overheating. I’ve been on a few long runs or rides where the temperature differential between the start and end of the activity was nearly 20 degrees. Whether on the run or bike, both products kept me warm without getting soaked with sweat, and I never felt overheated as temperatures rose.

Great on the bike too!

An added benefit of the neckwarmer was its use as a makeshift mask in a pinch, i.e. running on a crowded trail or needing to go inside a building to refuel. Note however, the neckwarmer has vents in the front for airflow during activity, so it’s primary purpose should definitely not be as a mask, and if you have to use it this way, turn it around so the vented side is not in front of your face. It’s definitely better than nothing for this purpose though. Side note: BUFF makes a line of face masks with filters. 🙂

Thanks to BUFF DryFlx+ Collection I can be a little less cranky about winter.

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BibRave Product Review: Running Winter Warmer with Buff® DryFlx+ Collection
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