Summer Sweat Ahead: Fun Sized training and adventures!

We just returned from an epic 450 mile week riding the Bike Ride Across Georgia from Ellijay to Darien. As always it was an amazing week and while I’m glad not to be sweating my ass off each night in a tent anymore, I do wish BRAG would never end. There’s no better happiness or privilege than just cruising along country roads for miles on end, with great people for a week. With the post-BRAG blues also comes an energy to continue the energy and motivation through the summer and beyond. The week provided a nice re-boot and I’m really excited for what’s to come; just need to keep focused and execute. 🙂

Paceline pirates! Of course I’m the one who doesn’t match 😛

Here’s what’s on tap for the next 2-3 months:

  • Red Clay Ramble gravel race: Our 3rd race in the southeastern gravel series for the year. 55 miles through beautiful middle GA roads. It’ll be HOT for sure but much less climbing than our first 2 races so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m trying to get stronger so that I can do longer events. I’m sure I’ll be dumb and try for Dirty Kanza 200 one day. No better plans than a bad idea. 😛
  • 50th running of the Peachtree Road Race! 3 more weeks of training and the biggest 10k 4th of July block party in the world will be upon us! This year is the 50th running of this epic race so it’s sure to be amazing.
  • RUNNING: I’ve been riding so much that I’ve barely been hanging onto some base miles. NYC marathon training starts in July so I need to get back on the horse. After 2 spring marathons I think taking May “off” has helped come down from some burnout and now I’m ready to RUN although the heat and humidity always seem to dampen (quite literally) my spirits. I plan to mix it back up on some trails and timed events to keep me motivated. I’m planning to register for Merrill’s Mile 24 hours and just hang out and run however much I damn well please. Of course, it’s also easier to stay motivated when I know I have HONOLULU MARATHON in December! Want to run in paradise with me?? Use code BIBHNL19 for 10% off registration!
  • Nutrition: I just did my first Dexa Body Composition scan to see my baseline metabolic rate, body fat, bone density, etc. so I can appropriately focus on problem areas and measure progress. Goal is to maintain lean muscle mass (which I have plenty of) and decrease body fat (which I also have plenty of lol). I know part of my problem, surprisingly, is that I don’t actually eat enough and what I do eat doesn’t balance carbs, fats, and proteins well. Working on it, stay tuned! No diets here; just need to better balance what I’m already eating.
  • BibRave Product testing: right now I’m waiting on a delivery of Science in Sports isotonic energy gels. We’ll be testing salted strawberry and double espresso flavors. These gels are made to absorb more quickly with less GI stress. Considering my goal to compete at higher capacity for longer distance events, getting my during-workout nutrition locked down will be key. In most of my ultra events, GI distress after 6 plus hours has been one of my biggest hurdles. I’m excited to try a new product and think marathon training and 24 hours at Merrill’s Mile will provide great testing grounds.
  • In more BibRave news, I’m super excited for the BibRave Pro Chicago Summit July 19-21! Hanging out with BRPs, running the RockNRoll Half, and going to my first Cubs game at Wrigley Field! Adult spring break fun times ahead!


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