BibRave Product Review: Tame the TaTas with Handful The Closer Bra

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Planks are hard but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel good doing it!

In the world of an endurance athlete with a 32DD chest size, you get used slathering on body glide, locking down the uni-boob, and hoping for the best. For me, the “best” still meant chafing (sometimes leaving scars all around the bra line) and struggling to get into and out of an over the head design. Those days are OVER!

I discovered Handful back in December when the BibRave Pros met them at The Running Event in Austin and we tested the amazingly comfortable Y-Back bra. You can read more about the Y-back here, but the short of it is, it’s my go-to daily bra for under t-shirts, yoga, and even shorter runs at the gym. For the larger ladies among us, I’d say that it’s not quite a high impact bra but it definitely does the trick in a pinch and feels amazing. To say the least, I was very excited to have the opportunity to try Handful’s new bra, the Closer.

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Shoutout to Handful for having real awesome women on their product pages! I now own the black and teal versions of this awesome sports bra!

The Closer Bra is specifically geared towards high impact activities for bustier ladies. The front zip design means it’s super easy to get on and off, even after a super sweaty workout session (the struggle is real!). The zipper itself is a really high quality, tough design so it doesn’t show any signs of wear, even though I’ve worn and washed mine several times a week. The enclosures have extra soft protective material to prevent chafing. In fact, the only “negative” of this bra is the fact the zipper is so tough it’s actually difficult to get it undone sometimes. Honestly, I’ll take that over getting stuck in a sports bra with my arms over my head (ladies, you know what I’m talking about). P.S. I literally had to have a stranger in the locker room help me out of my bra one time.

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One woman #SportsBraSquad (with BibRave Benjamin in the background)

I think one other BibRave Pro has had issues with the top part of the zipper causing some chafe/irritation but I have had ZERO chafing issues. I suspect that a small piece of KT or Duct tape over the top part of the zipper would help mitigate any possible irritation. The first week I had this bra I took the plunge and wore it while pacing the 5:30 pace team at the Atlanta Marathon. Not only did I have no issues with the zipper area, I had ZERO chafing around the bra line/rib cage area! This is an amazing win in my books, as I’m pretty cut up and scarred in those areas just from years of running and suffering through the boob chafe. The days of assuming that the tightest, most uni-boob inducing bra was the only way to prevent chafe are over.

The Closer is amazing soft, comfortable, and actually looks good. If there’s one thing that Handful really does great, it’s empowering women to be active and still look great and maintain their natural shape while doing so. The bra allows for great, comfortable movement through many different activities. I used it for running, cycling, yoga, and daily wear and never felt constricted. In fact, I loved it so much I bought a second one with the BibRave discount code (BIBRAVE for 10% off!).

Head over to Handful now to check out their full lineup of amazing products as well as the Closer bra now! And don’t forget to use code BIBRAVE for 10% off your order!

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BibRave Product Review: Tame the TaTas with Handful The Closer Bra
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