BibRave Product Review: Get Groovy with Food Groove Mission Super Food Bites

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Still looking for the perfect on-the-go snack that doesn’t break the calorie budget and includes ingredients you feel good about adding to your body? Well, you weren’t alone and the awesome folks at Food Groove Mission certainly made it their mission to create the snack many of us have been looking for:

  • The bites are paleo friendly (not vegan or vegetarian friendly because they contain paleo protein powder and honey – sorry!)
  • The company was looking for something natural and easy to consume to complement our running and triathlon lifestyle.
  • They weren’t crazy with the options out there – they would never eat an entire energy bar because it would make them feel full before or during a workout. When taking a bite out of a bar, it wasn’t easy to save for later because it would either go stale or get our bags/pouches dirty. SO, they wanted to create something that’s easy to consume and where you could also save the rest for later if you wanted to. With ingredients they eat almost everyday, they combined everything together and created their Super food Bites! Each pouch is one serving of 10 bites, so if you wanted to consume the entire pouch as a lifestyle snack or if you’re hungry, you wouldn’t have to feel bad doing so. Or, just like what they do, eat a few bites whenever you want to and reseal the bag / save for later.
  • Their goal is to create a product line that actually tastes good and has ingredients that add value to everyone’s day-to-day lifestyle, targeting young kids all the way to athletes.
  • All flavors are made with all natural organic ingredients and are Gluten Free, Non GMO, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Grain Free and two out of the three flavors are Paleo Friendly (Mother Earth (original) & Holy Truffle Punch!

As an on-the-go PhD student and endurance athlete I’m pretty hungry and snacking ALL THE TIME. I try to eat as healthy as possible within the confines of easily prepared and packaged foods but that’s often difficult. Most snacks come in sharing sizes and the ones geared towards active lifestyles, such as Lara or Cliff bars are higher in calories and more appropriate for consumption after long efforts; eating bars like that during the workday effectively act like candy bars.

I have loved the Super Food Bites because they come in a RE-SEALABLE pouch so you can grab a few bites on the go and not worry about snacking yourself into a coma or over-doing it before a long effort. I’ve found grabbing a few bites just before a long run has given me a little boost of energy and dissipated the starving feeling I get while running without weighing my stomach down. I’ve been keeping at least one pouch in my gym bag so that I can grab a few bites before and after a workout. As a result, I haven’t been starving and ready to gorge myself on my post-workout meals. In addition, as a daytime snack, eating a few bites as a morning snack and afternoon snack keeps the munchies away, leaves me feeling satisfied and like I had candy without the guilt or sugar crash.

The bites come in 3 groovy flavors: Mother Earth (“A wholesome combination of unique berries, seeds and nuts”), Holy Truffle Punch! (”
A pure spark of dark chocolate”), and the Nutty Adventurer (”
A burst of peanut butter goodness”). Retail for a single pouch is $3.99 but you can save 10% and get free shipping if you join the Bite Club subscription service and customize your own variety boxes.

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Now that you know for sure you want some, head to Food Groove Mission and use code BibRave15 for 15% off your order!

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