Whole30 Roundup and Moving Forward

Woohoo! Made it through my first W30! I’m giving myself a 95% since I’m assuming some restaurant probably cooked something in some added crap I wasn’t aware of. But other than that I was on task through normally scheduled meal outings with friends, vacations, a few parties, and marathon training. It made me enjoy cooking and I got myself an Instant Pot out of it; can’t go wrong with that! Down 8 lbs and 3% body fat. Can’t complain. I’m still eating whole30/paleo as of today and will probably maintain that for the most part, but be a bit more lenient at restaurants and such. I’m not craving anything specific so might as well keep on trucking. I’ll end up having my first drink probably this Saturday during some round 1 birthday shenanigans. Saving most of the treats though for birthday dinner at Gun Show next Wednesday. I feel like the whole process has changed my relationship with food after a 30+ year fight. I don’t really feel like running out and “rewarding” myself with a food treat since, honestly, the strawberries in my frig right now taste fucking amazing. Hell, carrots taste sweet to me. I’m rewarding myself with extra Stich Fix* boxes because clothes look and feel amazeballs. Huzzah!

In other Rudd family news, we got a dog this week! For those of you who follow on Facebook you’ll know that this was a several months long escapade but we finally found our 4th family member. He’s about 2 years old and had been rescued from Egypt back in Fall 2016. His name is Batoot, which means “frog” in Arabic, since he flops down with frog legs. He’s got a lot of energy for runs so he’s already joined me a few times around the neighborhood on training runs for the Publix GA Marathon (pace team 5:30!) and the Vermont City Marathon (sub 5h goal race!). He does pretty well on the leash except for moments of distraction, but otherwise trots along at around 9:30-10:30/mile pace, which is nice training for me, especially on the hills around Grant Park. Unfortunately, we think his original adoptive family in the US didn’t treat him great (locked him up in small areas with little to no interaction) so he needs some training to get used to the crate again and learn Adam and I as his alpha pack. In any case, his humans need our own training as well. 🙂

In PhD/work news I’m working on two projects with CDC colleagues geared towards publication, 2 draft manuscripts for my own research at school, as well as several projects in various stages at school that will go towards publication hopefully. Several of these projects I’ll be presenting at a couple upcoming conferences, including CSP in Portland, OR from Feb 14-18, and SAS Global Forum in Denver in April. I’m super excited to have been awarded SAS Ambassador this year and earning my way to that conference and hoping that one of my research teams has similar success with the SAS Student Symposium so my teammates can come to Denver as well. This semester is already nuts but I’m working towards finishing my final full courseload semester, studying for comprehensive exams in July, and then moving forward with dissertation phase in the fall. Can’t believe it’s nearly halfway finished! The Whole30 really helps me avoid falling back into a snack food/fast food craze due to all this craziness!

FINALLY, February is BibRave Safety Month! For the whole month BibRave, AfterShokz, and Brilliant Reflective will be hosting weekly Twitter chats, Facebook Live sessions, giveaways and more related to gear, tips, and tricks to stay safe on our fitness adventures. Follow BibRave on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the updates and safety related fun. #BePrepared #BeAware #BeSeen #BeOpen

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*StichFix credit for birthday always welcome.

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**If you don’t know what is StichFix and/or not using it yet, let me know and I’ll send you a coupon code.

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