BibRave Product Review: Keeping cozy with BUFF® ThermoNet™


Disclaimer: I received BUFF® ThermoNet™ to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews! Applications are open now through November 15th for the 2018 year!

Like a cat lady attracted to stray kittens, I have once again welcomed a new BUFF® product into my home. I received the ThermoNet™ hat and multifunctional head wrap in crash berry color to test. ThermoNet™ is made with Primaloft®, which is 4 times warmer than the traditional BUFF® products material without the added bulk; it’s light, warm, and designed to wick away sweat. From the BUFF® website, ThermoNet™ is designed to:

  • provide lightweight warmth
  • provide moisture management: fast drying, moisture wicking, prevent freezing
  • include zero stitch lines to eliminate hot spots and improve comfort.

Naturally, rather than moving into cooler temperatures, Atlanta has experienced the cancellation of Fall for the continued benefit of Summer. This certainly made testing the full benefits of the ThermoNet™ technology difficult, but beneficial in some areas. I did initially test the products in my kitchen and immediately noticed the difference in material from previous BUFF® products; ThermoNet™ feels more coarse and not as stretchy as the original headwear, so it fits more snug around the head and neck.

With the lack of cooling temps I opted to test drive the multifunctional headwear on a support ride with the Atlanta Track Club marathon training program. I figured this would be a great way to test the wicking capabilities since I would certainly sweat. Even with the warm and sticky weather, the ThermoNet™ felt comfortable and not overheating.


After a morning run; feeling cozy without the soggy sweat chill

We eventually experienced some cooler mornings; still not cold enough where I would typically wear head or neck protection, but close enough for testing purposes. The multifunctional headwear worn on my head or neck provided just enough warmth without getting sticky or overheating. We did have one snap cold day where it dipped into the 40s with wind. I wore the hat and put the multifunctional headwear around my neck for the walk to and from yoga class. Walking home after sweating in yoga, the products really helped keep me from getting chilled, even with an extra long stop outside at the farmer’s market. I also tested the headwear under my bike helmet and can say that, despite the added warmth, the material is thin enough to fit under the helmet easily.



IMG-2367 - Copy

Keeping my ears warm on the bike before the sun rises

Overall, I’m really looking forward to some cooler temps where I can experience the full awesomeness that is ThermoNet™ technology. I’ll be sweeping the first 11 miles of the Sky to Summit 50K this weekend and it looks like the weather in the mountains will ranges from the 20s to 40s so ThermoNet’s™ time has come! I’ll be sure to post updates about that later in the weekend.

You can purchase ThermoNet™ hat and multifunctional headwear at the BUFF® website for $27 each, and free shipping over $39. BUT WAIT, there’s more! You can get 20% off your entire order if you purchase at least one product from the ThermoNet™ collection using code BIBRAVETHERMONET20! *Offer expires 11/21/2017. Get ahead of your holiday shopping and hit up the BUFF® website now! Also, join BibRave and BUFF® for Twitter #bibchat on Tuesday, November 14th @ 9pm ET for your chance to win your own!

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