It’s Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon Week!

So, you thought after I completed the Yeti 100 I’d be done with my “at least a marathon-a-month” challenge? Do you know me at all?? Of course I completed 7 Bridges Marathon as a pacer 2 weeks after Yeti to lock down that October race. This week we’re heading into November, which means I’m headed down to Savannah to run my first Rock n Roll race and check off that November marathon!

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I’m running the race on behalf of BibRave but will actually be going down early Thursday to help represent Atlanta Track Club at the expo, so I get to share all the love this weekend. We’ll be getting Rock n Roll runners excited about the upcoming Atlanta Thanksgiving Half and especially the Georgia Publix Marathon and Half Marathon in March.

I’m really excited about a fun weekend including what looks to be a great (FLAT) course through beautiful Savannah architecture and spanish moss lined streets, cool swag, some great discounts for participants around town (I see you River Street Sweets!). Race day weather will peak around 80 so it’ll definitely be roasty but I’m still planning to start with the 5 hour pace group and go for a PR. Many people use heat as an excuse; I’m planning to use this excuse instead as a reason to hydrate and fuel better this week (thank you Health Warrior chia bars!), and to look forward to some warm weather after this awful cold snap we’ve had in ATL. BRING.IT.

Finally, on the fueling front, I’m obsessed with the Health Warrior chia bars. They’re full of the good stuff (low in sugar, and high in fiber), keep you full and are GOOD FOR YOU, not just better for you. They’re gluten free, easy on the stomach, and really yummy. At only 100 calories a pop they’re a yummy and guilt free snack, plus I’ve started added them as a low sugar granola alternative to yogurt. WHAT THE WHAT?! Health Warrior has a Halloween promo right now for 30% off a full size box with code SPOOKY, and shipping is always free over $25. PLUS, you can get a free (and hilarious) running themed coloring book with a purchase from This PhD student takes LOTS of stress relief coloring breaks. If you get the bars and the coloring book, be sure to tell me what you think and tweet me pics of your awesome artwork. 😀



It’s Rock n Roll Savannah Marathon Week!
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  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot says:

    Ooooh, I’ve heard such great things about Savannah! Have a wonderful race!

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