The final Yeti 100 countdown and more to come

41 days from this post I’ll be somewhere between the marathon and 50k mark of the Yeti 100. Honestly, since completing the 100k at Merril’s Mile, I’ve just been ready to get this done. Since July the heat and humidity have made every run painful and sucky. Only in the last 2 weeks did I start having good runs again. I keep reminding myself that I’ve hit the key mileage and for the rest of this ride I just need to maintain my base and work on my nutrition. It’s easier said than done, but the mental challenge is worthwhile race preparation on it’s own. I’ve been keeping myself occupied organizing my race plan and purchasing some key race items meant only for my personal happiness, i.e. unicorn stud earrings, and a unicorn backpack for my drop bag. I have one more warm up race before Yeti, the Snakebite 50k. I’m hoping for a strong race to give me a bit more confidence but it’s hard to predict given 90+ degree temps. There’s a secret 50 mile option I plan to complete if I survive the 50k feeling even halfway decent. Famous last words…

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Thank you $10 at Walmart (and inspiration from a fellow Yeti)

Naturally, when waiting to run the most epic race of your life, you sign up for more races. Most of my fall races after Yeti are one’s I typically run every year, either with Atlanta Track Club or as a returning pacer. Those include:

  • 7 Bridges Marathon, Oct. 15. Pacing the 5:45 group as I’ve done the last 2 years. Great race, plus Chattanooga makes for a great post run meal/drink at any of it’s fine brunch establishments.
  • Rope Mill Dirty Duathon, Oct 22. Because I like being punished and mountain bikes are silly. I’ll actually be racing this as a member of the Kennesaw State Cycling Team. Gotta keep up with those college boys.
  • Atlanta 10 Miler, Oct 23. Definitely doing this “fun run” style. There’s also great cheer sections at this race.
  • Rock N Roll Savannah Marathon, Nov 4. My BRF Tina and I didn’t get in the NYC lottery this year so opted to move our marathon festivities to Savannah instead. It’ll be my first Rock N Roll Race so I’m looking forward to a great time, in a beautiful city. If you want to join me, use code BIBRAVE15 to save $15 off half or full registration!
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Pacing 7 Bridges Marathon

What else can I do to keep occupied (besides, selling my home and moving, doing PhD things, and training for a 100 miler)? Plan next year’s race calendar of course! So far I have 2 travel races planned for next spring.

  • Revel Mount Charleston, Las Vegas, April 28. Why?
    • Downhill marathon!
    • First and probably only time in LV!
    • Party time with tons of running friends from ATL!
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  • Vermont City Marathon, Burlington, VT, May 28. Why?
    • Running this as a BibRave Pro which means I get to meet other BRPs who I normally only get to see on social media.
    • After running Mad Half in Vermont in July I realized that Vermont is a pretty idyllic place to run, especially that time of year when it’s already blazing hot and humid in ATL.
    • Since I ran the Mad Half instead of the full I still need to check Vermont off my 50 states list. Why not?!
    • Burlington is really beautiful.
    • Lots of lodging options including dorms at the local colleges for the cost conscious PhD student in us all. 🙂
    • Canada is close by and who doesn’t want to spend some time just a little bit closer to Justin Trudeau??

What do you do when getting antsy in the weeks leading up to a key race? What races do you have planned, and is travel involved? Let me know!

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