It’s not a lazy weekend; it’s just the calm before the storm

As I wait for some large SAS computations, there’s no better time for an update. I’ve done nothing particularly exciting this weekend. I’ve had the absolute pleasure of following my husband wherever he likes, mostly including a drive to Chattanooga to visit the in-laws, and my awesome brother -in-law and sister-in-law. He deserves more time but he’s incredibly patient with my insane lifestyle and remains my biggest supporter nonetheless. I brought running gear and it stayed nice and clean in my bag; best laid plans. I was a little bummed to miss the excitement at the Atlanta Women’s 5k but I couldn’t muster up much more disappointment than that. I’ve gone 3 for 3 on my 12 month marathon challenge, we have just a couple weeks reprieve from Atlanta Track Club training programs, and I’m looking at some travel and lots of school insanity in the next couple months; a weekend of socializing, drinking, a movie and nice dinner with my husband, etc. is all just part of the training plan.

A week ago I had the ultimate honor of pacing the 5:15 marathon team at the Publix Georgia Marathon here in Atlanta. It was quite a challenge for me considering I’m more of a 5:30 or 5:45 pacer and Publix is a very difficult road course. Splendid weather and a well-conditioned body made for a great race and, although I spent some time on the struggle bus during the race just like any other participant, I still managed to cross the line at exactly 5:15, as requested. You can read my full race review at Side note, you can register now for the 2018 race for 50% off.


The next 2 weeks my focus will mainly be on cross training (kickboxing), some speedwork and shorter runs; no long runs planned. In fact, next weekend I was supposed to run the Georgia Death Race again but early Sunday travel plans put an end to that plan. I considered running the first 28 miles of the course and then dropping but decided my time would be better utilized as a volunteer instead. I’ll be spending the day at the mile 28ish Point Bravo aid station, where the runners will be coming off the sufferfest that is the Duncan Ridge Trail. Giving back to the running community is something I encourage everyone to do; if you can volunteer at an ultra even like Death Race, it’s an even more special experience. You’ll meet great people and see some really inspiring athletes. For me, the incredible volunteer experience will greatly outweigh the sting of not running.

After returning from a conference in Orlando I’ll be heading to Damascus, VA for the first time for a training run on the Yeti 100 course. I’m really looking forward to experiencing another beautiful part of the South and getting my feet wet on what will be my first 100 mile race course. This will be a 33 mile training run; with my busy April schedule I have not been able to find another marathon opportunity in April, so it’s likely this training run will have to suffice for my April marathon challenge. If you all have any other suggestions for marathons+ in the region April 16, 23, or 30th an “official” marathon may still work out. Let me know!

Regardless of what happens in April, I think May will make up for it. I’m heading back to Virginia for the Grayson Highlands Pony Challange May 6-7; a 50k on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday. The following weekend I’m heading to my parents house in NH for mother’s day weekend where I’ll be doing the Maine Coast Half and Full Marathon Challenge in Kennebunkport area. Both weekends provide great back-t0-back long training opportunities which I hope will be great training for the Hundo. I’m running Maine Coast on my own but if you’d like to join me there’s still space in the Half. Register with bibrave10 for 10% off! Rest is over. Back to work!



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