Marathon-a-Month/Yeti Training Challenge

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that I signed up to run my first 100 miler in September. As soon as race director Jason Green created his Yeti 100 a couple years ago, I knew that it would be my first 100 mile race. Yeti races are always fun with spectacular people, so why not volunteer for some suffering with them? Plus, the buckle has a yeti, unicorn, AND rainbow on it; who doesn’t want that?!

Once I signed up for the race I realized I had no idea how to train for it. While there are training plans and books covering the matter, the general consensus from friends who’ve taken the hundo plunge is that time on your feet is of the essence. For me, running enough to simulate worn legs without getting injured is about as specific as I get. Somewhere in the recesses of my brain, I decided that running at least one marathon a month would be a good way to do that.

As we near the end of February, I’ve successfully checked off 2 marathon + distance races, plus some good back-to-back training days. In January I made it as a frozen brick through the always awesome Cloudland 50 (modified this year to 35-ish miles). This past Saturday I completed the Xterra Georgia Thrill in the Hills 42k, a race that’s been on my list for a couple of years; 2nd marathon + of the year and I came in 2nd place in my age group, although there MAY have been only 2 people in my age group. You can check out my BibRave review here. To round out the early onset masochism, earlier in the month I had a lovely sufferfest of a weekend by running a 20 mile training run with the Atlanta Track Club In-Training program on a Saturday, and the Run the ATL 17ish mile adventure race/run/adventure on Sunday. The back-to-back long runs are brutal but they’re super beneficial for ultra training.

How do I stay healthy/avoid burnout?

  1. I only run 3 times/week. Any other workouts have been cross training such as kickboxing, swimming, cycling, and yoga.
  2. PT exercises at home. I do have weak glutes and some resulting hip/back issues. I’ve seen Dr. Barbara Vaughan at Fit Core PT and she’s given me some great at-home exercises to keep everything strong and firing correctly. It’s been really helpful but I admit I need to do them more consistently.
  3. Foam rolling. In front of the TV. While playing legos. Before going to work. Before a race. Just do it.
  4. Ice Box Cryotherapy. Ok, I’ve only done this once, this past Sunday after the trail marathon, but it was amazing. Yes, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. Yes, it’s ridiculous. Yes, a few bags of ice in the bathtub are much cheaper, but when else can you feel like Han Solo in carbonite?

Heading into March I’ve got the Chattanooga Half Marathon. I’m running that with my awesome sister-in-law as her first half! Yeti Nightmare challenge is the weekend of March 10-11 and I’ll be doing the 6 mile Friday night race, and the 10 mile Saturday night race. Finally, of course, Publix Georgia Marathon* is March 19 and I’ll be proudly co-leading the 5:15 pace team! I need my foam roller just thinking about it.

*The marathon is sold out but there’s still spots for the half!


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