#OrangeIsTheNewFast: Orange Mud is for (adventure) lovers

I first discovered Orange Mud several years ago when I read about their Transition Towel in a running or outdoor magazine. I have no idea where I saw it, but I’m pretty sure it was on a magazine holiday wishlist. Maybe owner/creator Josh Sprague figured out a way to infiltrate an obsession with orange in the brain of this former orange avoider. Either way, my current cadre of OM gear includes:

I received 2 of these products, the hydraquiver single barrel and the endurance pack, to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. You can read those reviews here and here, respectively.  Even after review, I still use these products at least once a week. In fact, all of my Orange Mud products mentioned above are in heavy rotation. Shortly after reviewing, I applied for and was selected as an Orange Mud Ambassador. As an OM Ambassador I’ve connected with other Orange lovers and get a great platform to share the great quality and utility of the products. The Vest Pack 2 is especially great for ultra distance events if you’d like something lighter, more accessible, and quicker in aid station transitions than the traditional hydration pack with bladder.

All Orange Mud products are made with great quality and care right in the USA. Josh is constantly working to perfect designs and come up with new ideas, all with input from customers and the ambassadors. It’s so cool seeing a company grow with direct input from the user base. Honestly, I don’t get any kickbacks for sharing the OM love; I just get the joy of seeing more OM out in the wild. If you’re curious about any Orange Mud products, please feel free to message me. I’ll continue to highlight how I use the products in various race reports. And there’s definitely more Orange in my future.

Check out the blogs of some of these sponsored Orange Mud Dirt Unit athletes to really see great product action:




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