Work Hard, Play Harder: Top 10 Gear for the Multitasking Athlete

Things happening in my life right now:

  • Working at CDC
  • Started full time PhD program
  • Training for my first Ironman
  • Training and fundraising for NYC Marathon

As you can see, I’ve made a lot  of simultaneous life choices that don’t go well together. This isn’t even taking into account that I have an awesome husband who I like spending time with too. With all this going on, day-to-day organization is really important for making it all work. I live out of a gym bag with some essential items that make packing for each day much easier. Check out my first video post for more details! I’ve linked all the mentioned items below as well as a Pinterest board where I’ll keep all of these as well as other great training essentials (and I’ll keep adding!). I did make a few mistakes in the video and have opted to fix them in the list below rather than re-doing the video.


Top 10-ish Gear List:

  1. Garmin 920XT
  2. Oofos 
  3. XX2i USA2 sunglassesthe 50% discount code is actually ‘XX2iRocks’
  4. Night Runner 270 – use code NRGA2 for 15% off. This is my friend’s affiliate code and she will donate all proceeds to Kilometer Kids!
  5. Body Glide
  6. Generation UCAN – Hydrate, Bars, and SuperStarch. I also mention Salt Sticks which I’m counting as a secondary fuel item.
  7. AfterShokz Trekz Titanium – so I’m a dumbass and don’t even say the name of these in the video.
  8. Eagle Creek PackIt Sport – Wet/Dry locker and Shoe locker
  9. Orange Mud Transition Towel*
  10. Orange Mud Hydraquiver Single Barrel*

*I’m also an OrangeMud ambassador because I LOVE them. Use code AB151-103 for 10% off. If you purchase from these links I get bonuses towards my affiliate account. Any proceed I make I will be donating to the Atlanta Track Club Kilometer Kids Program for our NYC Marathon fundraiser.  

What do you think? Any product questions or additional gears you recommend? Include them in the comments below! And defintely check out BibRave for race reviews. Join us on Tuesdays, 9pm EST for the BibRave sponsored Twitter #BibChat. It’s a great way to connect with runners all over the world and learn about races and products.

*The gear required for balancing life and training is one thing; my friend just wrote a great post about keeping all these big and little life things in perspective. “Making running a part of your chaotic life despite all of its challenges is what makes it hard, but also what makes it the source of pride and accomplishment that you feel bolstered by, and better for.” Check out her post here.


Work Hard, Play Harder: Top 10 Gear for the Multitasking Athlete
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