11 weeks of pure honesty – Ironman Edition


Halfway through 2016 and I’ve already racked up a pretty good list of accomplishments: 14 races including 2 ultramarathons, 1 marathon, and 1 half ironman and 1 week biking across Georgia. To say the least, I was already pretty burnt out by time I made it to the Flying Pig Marathon on May 1. Knowing that I’d have to have a solid training period for Ironman Chattanooga, I allowed myself to have a bit of fun after May and just sit on my base fitness for a while. During that time I biked a lot more in preparation for Bike Ride Across Georgia and my running mileage was pretty low. I’m generally confident with my base fitness and knew that a 12 -week Ironman training plan would allow me to have focused training over an attainable amount of time without burning out.

Well, the 12-week plan started on July 4 and we’re off and running, so to speak. I just finished my first big training weekend, which included a 66 mile bike with 15 minute transition run on Saturday, and a 21 mile run around Atlanta on Sunday. Monday night I enjoyed a great 1hr15min swim in the Georgia Tech Olympic pool (set to long course!), and this morning I fought the snooze demons to make it out to Cobra Camp at Tough Love Yoga (I can do a headstand y’all!). Those snooze demons are tough bastards but the fear of having only 11 weeks to go and the amount of $$$ I’ve already spent on this race definitely wins the day.

Plans tonight include a 40 minute neighborhood run or a loop around Stone Mountain (depending on the mood of my live-in adventure partner). Tomorrow morning starts at Piedmont Park at 5:45am for an 8-10 mile run; I’m excited to test my new Orange Mud Endurance Pack! Given my love of their Hydraquiver Single Barrel (check out my review) I have high hopes for their bladder hydration pack design. The rest of the week is jam packed  (with a rest day on Friday), and a long run and century ride planned for the weekend. Considering that I’m starting a PhD program in 4 weeks, and keeping my job at the same time, I’ve accepted the fact that I will remain in a perpetual state of exhaustion for at least the next 11 weeks. Yay for naps and very strong coffee!



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