BibRave Product Review: Amphipod Hydraform Handheld

Disclaimer: I received a Amphipod Hydraform Ergo-Lite Ultra to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

The heat and humidity is here for the foreseeable future in Atlanta, so even shorter runs require carrying hydration. For longer training runs and races I discovered the convenience of pack hydration but carry a hydration pack seems excessive for anything less than a half marathon. In the Atlanta summers though, it seems that any run longer than 30 minutes requires some form of hydration and usually this involves a handheld. 

I always have various handheld bottles in my house for those runs where carrying one is unavoidable. I dislike them so much though that I try to avoid using them for as long as possible. Every handheld I’ve owned has been uncomfortable; I feel like I have to clench them and by the end of a run my whole arm and shoulders are killing me. Also, the storage pockets in handheld bottles are typically laughable; I’d have to choose between carrying my phone for safety or carrying some snacks. Most grevious of all, my previous handhelds have been impossible to clean. Honestly, there have been times where I avoid looking into the bottle before filling it because I don’t want to see what I’m possibly consuming. 

I arrived home from a vacation to find my new Amphipod Hydraform(TM) Ergo-Lite Ultra patiently waiting for me. I threw my old bottle in the trash before I even opened the box. The Ergo-Lite Ultra is available in 2 sizes: a 16oz and 20oz. I opted for the 16oz since that’s typically how much I need for about an hour of running in the heat. The bottles are made with a lot of great features (from Hydraform(TM) tag):

  • “Large expandable easy-access pocket for essentials with key fob and ID/cash pocket” –> easily fit my iPhone, keys, gel, tube of Nuun, and packet of salt pills
  • “Insulated sleeve keeps fluids cool and bottle/hands sweat-free” –> used it for several 6+ mile runs in heat and humidity and sports drink never got the warm, nasty taste. The neoprene sleeve actually works great as a sweat rag too if you forgot one. 
  • “Patented low-profile Hydraform (TM) bottle ergonomics with Thumb-lock(TM) technology eliminates hand-cramping tension/BPA-free and dishwasher safe” –>The strap is very comfortable and you don’t even have to hold onto the bottle. I let me hand relax and the bottle was just an extension of my arm. Also, the sleeve comes off easily and I hand washed in the sink while the bottle went on the top shelf of the dishwasher. No more nastiness! 
  • “Hydraform Jett-Squeeze(TM) cap for quick-shot hydration/guaranteed leak free” –> I shook the bottle upside down and even fell on it with zero leaks. 

Final Verdict: finally found a bottle that’s comfortable and doesn’t make me question my health and safety. 

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