Lifestyle Love: XX2i Lifestyle Bermuda1 sunglasses and DISCOUNT!

Disclaimer: I was recently sent a pair of XX2i Bermuda1 Sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

My first product review as a BibRave Pro was the XX2i USA1 sport sunglasses. I was really happy with the quality of those glasses so when the BibRave Pros had the opportunity to test their brand new line of Lifestyle products I jumped at the chance. In fact, the BibRaveXX2i partnership is so awesome, we got to test these glasses before they’re even available! If you too want great opportunities to test awesome products and races you can apply NOW at

I go through casual sunglasses frequently with my busy lifestyle. They often get thrown around my car and various bags so I knew the Bermuda1 would have to live up to a full gamut of testing.

Right out of the box ; notice the most important part…LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

I LOVE me a pair of tortoise shell wayfarer style glasses! These guys are so pretty right out of the box. Just like the sports lenses, the Bermuda1 comes with a really nice hard case (great for those of us that throw glasses around as we’re running out of the house), and a soft case that doubles as a lens cloth.

Some BibRave Pros felt the glasses were too big for their face but I’m a big fan of big hollywood style glasses. I forgot my sports glasses one day and had to wear these on a run. They were surprisingly comfortable although they don’t fight great with a visor and don’t have vents to prevent fogging from sweat. More importantly, I felt like a movie star on the run from paparazzi wearing these babies.

Practical from the bike to the street. Bike date approved.

My only major complaint? They have the exact same case as the XX2i USA1 sport glasses. When I’m running out of the house for work, runs, friend meet ups, etc. and just grab a case out of my drawer, I’m never really sure which pair I’ll end up with. The struggle is real. Considering both pairs of XX2i are pretty badass there are certainly worse problems.

Riding in style! (in my Honda Fit)

Final Word? I rode Tower of Terror wearing the Bermuda1 and they didn’t budge. #GravityApproved

Want to be some of the first to find out how you can purchase the Bermuda1 or possibly WIN a pair?? Join us for the XX2i sponsored #BibChat on April 26th at 9pm ET. Don’t forget to follow XX2i and BibRave.

Get 50% off any XX2i product, including the new Bermuda1 when available, using code XX2iRocks!

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