BibRave Product Review: Buff Merino Wool!

“Disclaimer: I received a Merino Wool Buff to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I’ve owned Buff products for many years, since I started hiking and backpacking in college. I always travel with several as they make great headbands, scarves, sweat rags, face masks, etc. I wear a Buff during workouts most days, especially yoga, but will also pull it out on a bad hair day. Considering the heat and humidity in Atlanta, this happens quite a lot.


Merino Wool Buff in ‘Plum’

I was worried about the timing of the merino wool product testing because 1) it didn’t come in time for a ski trip and 2) the warm, humid spring weather in Atlanta is already upon us. Would a wool Buff be useful now?

The Buff website describes the merino wool as:

100% natural merino wool
12+ ways to wear
Merino Wool’s natural qualities include: water repellent, odor resistant, flameproof, durability, UV protection and natural stretch and elasticity
Thermal protection from cold & wind
Cool in the summer, extra layer of warmth in the winter
Semi-seamless — small, unnoticeable seam on top and bottom of Wool BUFF®
Quick drying
One size fits all adults

It’s first run I used it around my neck during a nighttime trail run. It kept the sweat from creating a chill and was a great face wash after stumbling in a muddy creek. During the week I used it as a headband in a hot yoga class, and an afternoon run. The wool Buff is longer than a normal Buff so it was a bit cumbersome on my head, but fold it a few times and it works great, especially since I have a ton of hair. During a hot and humid long run yesterday, I wore it on my wrist as a sweat rag. It even makes a cute scarf since it’s extra long; that’s why I got it in plum. Purple is my favorite color and this guy definitely matches a lot of my clothes. It’s getting too warm to use it in this way now but I have a feeling I know what my first scarf of the fall will be…


Oh how I love thee; let me count the ways.

The merino wool Buff survived several wear tests before washing. It dried very fast after each wear and wasn’t obviously dirty unless you stuck it in your face for a smell test. Even the smell test wasn’t horrible; it certainly didn’t smell as bad as most of my tech clothes, but after 3 wears a wash was definitely needed, especially if I wanted to wear it as a scarf or headband during work. I accidentally ran it through the washer and dryer and it came out just fine and still feeling soft. It’s recommended to hand wash and line dry though.

Even though I was worried about the timing, I know this guy will be a key item during my 70ish mile adventure at Georgia Death Race next weekend. It’s light, easily pack able, and who the hell knows what will happen in 70 miles??


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