#LuvoLife for easy, healthy, on the run

Disclaimer: I received a Luvo gourmet meals to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! The application to become a BibRave Pro is always open, but they’re specifically recruiting more Pros in the next month. Check out the application to learn more!

I received 5 Luvo meals just a few days before leaving on vacation. I was worried about having enough to time to test but it actually worked out for my busy, pre-vacation schedule. Every time I travel, I usually try to cram extra training/miles since I don’t get as much training done during vacations. Also, I try to work extra hours so that I don’t use as much vacation time and I don’t fall behind when I return. A hectic training/work schedule for me often means quick meals at office cafeteria and/or spending extra money on meals out or unhealthy fast food. The Luvo meals allowed me to have quick, healthy, and yummy meals ready at work and for dinner after a long training day.

Luvo has a 4 fold philosophy:

  1. “Food should be delicious”. I really enjoyed the variety of flavors, and produce offered in each meal. The chicken chili verde with polenta was my favorite and even had coworkers jealous of my lunch. Even though the packaging (which is made from recycled materials btw) is designed so the food slides out and looks presentable, I’d say that none of mine actually looked as pretty as the pictures on the boxes, but they all tasted amazing.  Also, unlike many frozen meals, Luvo is steamed in a bag which produces an evenly cooked product, rather than the overcooked or partially burnt Food that usually comes out of a microwave.  
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    Not as appetizing as the picture on the box but it was oh so yummy! Tender chicken with flavorful beans and polenta. Loved the spices!

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  2. “Food should be nutritious”. The meals are made with lower sugar and sodium that most frozen meals. Each meal also has a full serving of fruits and/or vegetables, with a balance of whole grains, lean proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They’re all low calorie but the balance of foods had me feeling full, rather than starved like most low calorie frozen entrees I’ve had in the past. The meals are also flash frozen in order to “maintain their natural goodness.”
  3. “The smart choice should be an easy choice”. Again, the week leading up to a vacation is often really busy for me leaving very little time to make healthy food choices. Having the Luvo meals handy made it easy for me to eat healthy and happy. The Luvo chefs “work hard to create meals you’d want to make in your own kitchen, but don’t always have the time.” YES! I received the following meals: Red Wine Braised Beef, Orange Mango Chicken, Chicken Chili Verde, Farmers Market Frittata, Steel Cut Oatmeal. Doesn’t that all sound amazing?! Not only do I not have time to make those awesome meals, I just don’t have the skills in the kitchen to make them anyway. My husband and I typically stick to a rotation of simple breakfast, lunches, and dinners, that are simple to make, cheap, and leave plenty of leftovers. It doesn’t really provide a wide variety in our day to day food options. Not only are Luvo meals easy and healthy, but they also gave me an awesome of variety of food that I wasn’t expecting. #LuvoLife 4Eva!  
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    Just a sample of the delicious variety; even the cat is intrigued.

  4. “Food should come from a good place.” Antibiotic free meat and poultry, and certified organic and nonGMO produce (wherever possible). Luvo is also committed to creating “more organic and nonGMO meals without sacrificing affordability.” I really appreciate that Luvo is committed to improving it’s product. 

I always keep some frozen entrees on hand at home and work. After sampling Luvo I’ll be switching to these meals as an awesome go-to option for when my life is (literally) on the run. They’re carried at several retail locations in Atlanta and cost less than a last minute meal at my office cafeteria or a quick serve restaurant. To find Luvo meals near you here. Beware: you might have to hide Luvo meals from your husband.  

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Luvo is so good; no sharing allowed!

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#LuvoLife for easy, healthy, on the run
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    Haha! Love the picture at the end. Glad to know this can be a great option when in need of a quick meal.

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