Workout Week in Review

 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~Lao-tzu

Another week of training down, another week closer to Sufferfest Knighthood (Jan 31) and Georgia Death Race (Mar 19-20). I’ll give myself a 95% on training and nutrition this week, considering some social events and weather difficulties. 

Here’s how the week of Janurary 18-24 looked:

  • Monday, January 18: Sufferfest Knighthood test ride. Since it was MLK Day and I had the day off, what better way to spend 5+ hours of my time? Based on the Facebook Sufferfest discussion boards, a 5 hour test ride to gauge effort, nutrition, bathroom and clothing needs, was recommended. It happens that I already own videos 2-6 on our Knighthood Schedule so I just rode them in order with the prescribed 10 minutes break in between. Unfortunately, I have no data from this ride since I couldn’t get Trainer Road to work on my husband’s PC setup (he fixed it for me when he got home so I’m good for the next time I decide 5 hours of indoor riding by myself is a good idea). The ride went well and I feel really confident for our crazy epic adventure this Sunday! One bottle of Nuun per hour-ish video, eating snacks during the warmup sections of each video, and stretching between each video. I’m going to make myself a bunch of PB&J sandwiches for the real deal 10+ hour ride on Sunday. I will be Knighted! If you don’t know, we’re raising money for Lifeline Animal Project. They’re now managing several Atlanta area shelters and aim to make Atlanta a no-kill community. You can donate here and just put my name and ‘Knighthood’ in the comments. THANKS!   

    Our Sufferfest schedule for Jan 31. I completed videos 2-6


    My only company for 5+ hours of indoor riding.

  • Tuesday, January 19: Cobra Camp, Stair Repeats, Indoor Cycling. This month in Cobra Camp at Tough Love Yoga we’re working on twists and core. I love to hate twists because it really feels constricting but it’s been great for the core running muscles so I won’t complain (much). My awesome coaches at Sweat Tracker, Dave and Larry, are now having me do stair repeats on Tuesday and Thursday’s. Today was my first ‘Up’ day and I did repeats of my 12 floor office building for an hour. Apparently there’s an other guy in my building who does this but he carries rocks in a hiking backpack; no thank you. Right after stair repeats I went to an hour of indoor cycling at Energy Lab. I think next time I’ll space these workouts more. Oops. Still got it done though. 
  • Wednesday, January 20: Long run. Larry and Dave scheduled me for 12 miles. I had already planned to meet my awesome Atlanta Track Club buddies for an early morning at Piedmont Park and didn’t think I’d get all the miles in before work so they let me split it up into a morning and afternoon run. I completed 7 miles in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself; by the afternoon it was 38 degrees and raining but I still got out there and actually had a really enjoyable second run for the day. 
  • Thursday, January 21: ‘Down’ stair repeats, lunchtime indoor ride. So normally I have Cobra Camp on Thursday mornings but I didn’t quite make it out of bed today. I made up for it with a solid set of down stair repeats and a lunchtime ride at EL. That evening I had the Atlanta Track Club member social! Fun times with friends and an open bar. I may have been talked into running the NYC Marathon again, this time with some ATC friends, including the head coach, on behalf of the Kilometer Kids program. Worse things have happened under the influence of wine.  

    Awesome running buddies with Medal of Honor Recipient, Retired Army Captain Florent Groberg

  • Friday, January 22: Rest day! Well earned rest day, especially considering the late night/open bar on Thursday. This is when the weather in Atlanta took a turn for the ‘worse’. We had rain and freezing temps, with threat of ice and possibly snow on the roads. Given Atlanta’s really horrible track record with dealing with weather, most schools and businesses, including CDC, closed around lunch. I used this time to hit the Hot Chocolate 15k expo downtown. A LOT of people had the same plan! However, it was well-organized and I survived the long lines. More on the race and expo in my review later this week. 
  • Saturday, January 23: Long run. With the mayor and governor issuing weather warnings, the ATC canceled Half Marathon training. I used the extra time to sleep in and hope for some warmer temps. The sleeping in was great but the temps never improved much. I headed out for a long run around 10am. It was about 25 degrees with high winds. It was a great way to test some cold weather gear, including my clothes plan for the Sunday 15k (also forecast for cold temps). I didn’t really have a specific route planned but ended up completing 14 miles, with a stop in the middle at Big Peach Running Co to pick up a bag of nutrition (stuffed in my hydration pack for the miles home). The wind sucked at times but my layers kept me comfortable and completing an errand during a long run is really fun!   
  • Sunday, January 24: Hot Chocolate 15k. Below freezing temps at the start (minus the wind from the day before) but warmed up quick once we started. Had a great friend drop me off right at the start line about 40 minutes before the start and then I was able to run back to MARTA back to my car to get over 10 miles for the day. Overall, I was really impressed by the race and will be writing a full review on here and BibRave in the next couple of days. Topped of my day with a post run brunch at Waffle House and a nutrition clinic at the ATC office.  

    Frozen but fun day at Hot Chocolate 15k


Another week in the books! Sufferfest Knighthood in 1 week! I’d love to hear about your training. 

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