“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.” Looking back and racing into 2016

It’s a bit derivative but yes, 2015 flew by. They say that each year seems faster than the last. For me, it’s true, but I really think it’s because each year gets better. I spent the first year married to an awesome guy, turned 30, and spent a lot of time building a network and skills to accomplish some epic goals in the future.

This blog is focused specifically on running and fitness, but my life outside running still tends to connect back into fitness anyway: I met my husband on a bike ride, he proposed to me during a marathon, many of my close friends I know through running and triathlon, and even my career goals in public health and data science are tied to the use of data to improve health and fitness.

I say all this as a reminder; when looking back at what I’ve done in 2015 and looking forward to my overall goals and races for 2016, it seems like a lot. I have family and friends who say it’s too much. For me though, these are all part of a bigger journey. The people and experiences involved in training for and participating in all these events make me happy. I receive so much love and encouragement. I hope I can spread at least half as much love and encouragement back into the world.

Without further ado, 2015 looked like this:

-Cloudland Canyon 50 mile; 15 degrees at the start. Ran 25 miles until I couldn’t feel my ass anymore
-Swam with whale sharks at GA Aquarium for my 30th birthday!
-Volunteered at Georgia Death Race; decided to run it in 2016!
-Spring/Peachtree/Fall Atlanta Track Club Training Programs Run Lead and pace captain for 11 minute pace group; love my tribe!
-Chattanooga 70.3; took almost an hour off my previous time!
-Helped lead a group of 40 people on a 10 day trip in Israel; some parents need to teach their kids a bit of humility and respect
-Troop Trot 39k; hottest/most humid trail race ever
-Hotlanta Half; swimming in a monsoon
-Snakebite 50k; more monsoons, shoes fell apart mid-race, still finished
-Chicago Marathon; first time in Chicago, anniversary trip, awesome food, Improvised Shakespeare
-Rope Mill Dirty Duathlon; my first off-road duathlon. Finished with a broken bike saddle
-Atlanta Track Club 10 Miler; very hilly course, finished in under 2 hours with less than 4 hours of sleep
-7 Bridges Marathon; first time on marathon pace team, favorite marathon experience
-ATC Thanksgiving Half; pace team
-Pine Mountain 46 miler; sinus infection knocked me out at mile 23
-Westside 10; finally feeling better and PRd by 9 minutes
-Atlanta Christmas 5k; first cold day of the year, followed by several weeks in the 70s.
-Accepted as BibRave Pro (Ambassador)!
-Accepted as Nuunbassador!

Onward to 2016!

 Overall Goals:

-Run the Year; 2016 miles!
-Complete Sufferfest Knighthood; 10 back-to-back Sufferfest videos
-Complete the Georgia Death Race
-Complete Ironman Chattanooga
-Start PhD in Data Science and Analytics (let’s get accepted first!)

Races (confirmed):

-ATC Resolution Run 4 Miler
-Cloudland Canyon 50
-Run the ATL Marathon
-Hot Chocolate 15k Atlanta
-Red Top Rumble (Birthday race!)
-Yeti Nightmare 10 Miler
-Georgia Death Race
-Disney Darkside Half Marathon (running with my cousin for her first half marathon!)
-Flying Pig 4-Way + Extra Cheese Challenge (with all my ATC friends!)
-Chattanooga 70.3
-Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race
-Peachtree Road Race
-Run the ATL Summer Edition
-Storm the Fort 70.3
-Ironman Chattanooga



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