Liquid gold = pain free shower

*I originally posted this on my Tumblr page and decided to repost here as I put together this new blog.

Every runner has a toolbox (even if they’re not aware of it yet) and this is where I’m going to highlight my running must-haves.

For my first edition of Tuesday Tools an enemy that will sideline many runners: chafing. Some people get it worse than others but I’m of the opinion that every runner will get at least some chafing, some of the time. Add in wet and/or humid conditions with extra sweat and it’s a recipe for disaster. I’ve had to cut training runs and races short because, like most people, I don’t do well when it feels like my skin is on fire. Also, maybe others can relate to crying in the shower after a run when you “discover” all those lovely hot spots. Or maybe that’s me. Shut up.

Enter my liquid gold: climbOn Crème. My running experience has changed drastically since adding this stuff to my toolbox. I read about it on a blog (sorry I don’t remember where) about running a multiday stage race. You can imagine in that situation that chafing will really spell disaster. The company, SKINourisment, advertises “no parabens, perfumes, or fillers. Food grade quality product. They say “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skinTM.” Synthetic free. Cruelty free”, although it’s not evaluated by the FDA (yet?). Other pluses: no animal testing, made in the USA, women-owned company (girl power!). I’m going to be honest, I love this stuff so much it could be made with unicorn tears and I would still use it.

It goes on pretty thick so a little goes a long way. Some people might not like the thick, oily consistency but it works into the skin pretty well. The plus point of this is that it can be used as an intense moisturizer after extreme exposure (really great in winter conditions). There are actually “101” uses of climbOn found here. It’s pricier than typical body glide and you have to order it but I found it on Amazon Prime and had it next day. Based on it’s extraordinary powers, the price is absolutely worth it, IMHO. In fact, there’s a sale right now to make it even more worth your while. I recommend the climbOn Skin Special; you’ll get the crème, the bar (good for spot treatment), and the lip tube. I used the lip tube a lot during my winter trail races.

Get this stuff, put it everywhere, and let your muscles (not your skin) be the only thing complaining about those extra miles.

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